Bullet Points: The Protector

Chad Cruise

Former Infantryman, pro wrestler, steel worker, and hardcore martial arts and action enthusiast. Co-founder of Bulletproof Action. Follow Chad on Twitter @ChadCruise

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  1. Tyler says:

    Totally badass fight scenes. That’s all I got and it can be summed up by this interesting fucking fact: Tony Jaa developed a new style of Muay Thai specially for the film: “Muay Kotchasan” which is based on elephants’ movements (“throw, stamp on, grab, break”).

    THROW, STOMP ON, GRAB, BREAK!! fucking right little man

  2. Chad Cruise says:

    Tony Jaa’s character is a badass for sure. It looks like he’s finally trying to break into the American market as he’s doing the new Fast and Furious 7, Kickboxer remake, and a couple movies with Dolph Lundgren called Skin Trade and A Man will Rise. I’m assuming he will have a plethora of ass-whooping to deal out in each of those.

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