Fantasy Flicks: Highlander

Chad Cruise

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  1. Tyler says:

    So im good with all the actors put into thier respective roles. But, we all know there need to be side fucks to make a movie go and a damsel whore that is put in for saving and hopefully a good tit shot or two. For the latter i think a good damseled(word?) whore would be Vanessa Ferlito, the ass-shaking hottie from Death Proof and also Spider Man 2. That bitch is sexy, would surely put herself in some shitty situation and end up hair-dragged by our heel in the movie. As for some color to the production why not Reg E.Cathey? who the fuck is that you may ask….well go watch the shows The Wire and Oz, then you will know. Dude is pretty slick, and could offer a good role as a nosey cop, politician, or doctor that finds himself caught up in some shit he ain’t got no business being in.

  2. Chad Cruise says:

    I like it! One guy I had pegged as a secondary character was Jerome Flynn, who plays Bronn on Game of Thrones. One thing that I always thought was cool about Highlander: The Series was the idea of The Watchers. Flynn was going to be my watcher for MaCleod. The interesting thing being that he would be helping MaCleod to finally defeat The Kurgan as he was just becoming too powerful and messing up the balance of power and whatnot.

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