Bullet Points: 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown

Chris The Brain

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  1. Séamus says:

    Granted that you’ve worked with Ambrose before and I also enjoyed most of the movie. But where exactly was Shaw protective of poor naive Officer Taylor? He could and should have warned her about Burke. He didn’t need to talk novels about him. But she knew about the flash drive, so Shaw could have told her, Burke is dirty and dangerous, the evidence is on the drive, hide yourself at all costs. Or even better: take her with you and safe her that way. There was a lot of potential there with Taylor but it was wasted like that. Unnecessary death.

  2. You’re right, they could have utilized her character more in the movie but I took it like Shaw was still haunted by the death of his last rookie partner and that’s why he didn’t team up with her or ask for her help and instead for her own safety told her to go hide somewhere.

  3. Séamus says:

    Yeah, there’s something about your theory if you put it that way. But if Shaw was still haunted I missed some evidence in his behaviour. You can say that he showed it when he didn’t take her with him and said she should hide. But he could and should still mention Burke as the bad guy. But she had no idea about what was wrong and probably didn’t believe him because he acted suspicious to her. So of course she didn’t do what he said and hide but searched for another person who would enlighten her.

    It looks like Shaw just went for another strategy to save a rookie – and failed again. If you ask me, this screams for a sequel.

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